Henwyr Blatter

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All of our miniatures are manufactured in the United States using a state of the art SLA 3D printing process. This process uses a laser to cure a liquid resin giving the final product a level of detail and surface finish unmatched by other 3d printed products.

The resin used is highly resilient, and won't break through normal use. It takes paint well and will not weaken with sunlight exposure like other materials may. The appearance without paint is a semitranslucent dark blue/green.

The manufacturing process does create support marks on the model, but they are no more trouble than the flash typically found on molded figures to clean up.

The nature of the process allows us to create models in poses and with features that just aren't possible with traditional manufacturing, especially not in a single piece as most of our models are. It also allows us to economically produce and sell unique designs that you won't find anywhere else.

Why pick up a bland mass market model for your character? Pick something that will stand out. Pick Everpunk.