Medieval Cog Ship Kit

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This highly detailed Medieval Cog measures over 14 inches long!!

Sail the high seas in style aboard this lovely ship. The main hull is 3d printed using an FDM printer to keep costs low, but the detail pieces like the Figurehead, Helm, Flags, Rudder and more are 3d printed on an SLA printer offering unmatched quality and fine detail

This kit includes everything pictured except for the sail, but you can make your own quickly and easily by following the suggestions in the instruction manual below.

Kit Includes:

1 Fore Hull Section
1 Aft Hull Section
1 Mast Base
1 Mast Top
1 Mast Tip
2 Sail Boom
1 Mermaid Figurehead
1 Mast Flag
1 Helm
1 Aft Flag
1 Rudder
2 Winches
1 Anchor
6 Rigging Rings
6 Rigging Pulleys
12 Rigging DeadEye
12 ft White Elastic 0.8mm String